Hope for Healing

is a nonprofit organization

Our mission is to help people find
emotional healing in a spiritual way,
Through faith in Jesus Christ

We can help

some other ways we help people

social Media

You can find daily inspiring messages on facebook. Our non-denominational page is called Hope for Healing and it’s address is (facebook.com/letHIMhealyou)                                           

We have a special facebook page for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and it’s address is (facebook.com/LDShopeforhealing)

Our instagram page will send you an affirmation everyday.    The address is Hope for Healing affirmations


A counselor can help you identify and overcome the obstacles that have kept you from becoming your true self and finding happiness. They can also help you discover the issues that are keeping you stuck and show you how to use your faith in Jesus Christ so He can heal you through his miraculous power. Counseling and life coaching services are on a voluntary donation basis, so all funds go directly back into Hope for Healing to help more people.

Life coaching

Working with a life coach is different than working with a counselor. A life coach helps you figure out what you really want in your life and then pin points the hurdles that have been preventing you from getting there. Then we establish a plan of action to overcome those hurdles and take it step by step to achieve success.

inspiring Art

Our paintings are specially designed to soothe the broken heart and remind us of our Savior’s power to rescue and heal us. Go to our store to pick the perfect one for you.

help us help others

Hope for Healing is a federal approved nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible. We rely on private donors to help us and 100% of every donation goes to assisting people in the process of healing. Your donation could help us change someones life for the better.

we can help you

If you would like to use the counseling or life coaching services you can reach us here.